Drawing on our decades of industry experience, Darling Downs Drilling provides a professional consultancy service for drilling work throughout Australia and beyond.

We have been involved in the water drilling industry for more than 25 years. This includes 10 years working as a sub-consultant to Kinhill Engineers and GHD Pty Ltd, on two separate drilling projects for town water supplies in the south of Vietnam. The company gained valuable experience working abroad, and played a significant role in the two drilling projects.

“It was tremendous to use the company’s 20 years of expertise to help assist in the production and development of wells for town water supply,” Darling Downs Drilling principal Warren Westphal said.

Check out the << gallery >> of photographs of Warren and his consultancy projects in the southern regions of Vietnam, where new water sources have dramatically improved the living standards of local residents.

If you are looking for a consultant with outstanding professionalism, impeccable credentials and an enormous amount of experience in drilling, look no further than Darling Downs Drilling. From a home bore hole to a large rural drilling project, we can provide advice, products, drilling services and consultancy services.  We are also happy to provide consultancy service on all or part of your drilling project.

With our talented and well trained staff, modern equipment, strict standards and vast experience we are the logical choice to turn to for your water drilling needs. We provide expert advice and cost-effective solutions to a range of projects, both big and small. You can rest assured that your water drilling needs are expertly taken care of; we provide a comprehensive plan and regular progress reports for your water project. You get to enjoy easy access to bore water, saving you money over time while simultaneously saving our natural resources.