Location Depth Casing DIA
Halls Head Primary School 145m 177mm
Dawesville Primary School 170m 177mm
Canning Community College 125m 200mm
Lovegroves Turf Services 145m 200mm
Serpentine Pony Club 104m 177mm
Belmont City Council 200m 244mm
City of Cockburn (in excess of 24 bores for Parks & Gardens Dept…
…ranging from 18m to 65m of 200mm diameter)
Bioscience 4 * 150m 250mm
WA Turf Farms 3 * 80m 250mm
Fini Olives 4 * 75m 225mm
Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale 108m 200mm
Shire of Harvey (Australind) 310m 200mm
Premium Casing Services 180m 450mm
Cowalla Road, Gin Gin 90m 445mm