The benefits of drilling a hole to make use of underground bore-hole water are manifold. By gaining access to your underground water source, you get to enjoy almost unlimited water, a lush green garden and a full swimming pool in summer. You also save money.

Darling Downs Drilling is a Western Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the supply of bore water services. We use the latest equipment and our many satisfied clients bear testimony to our quality products and services.

From the installation of a submersible garden bore pump, to maintenance and repairs on your bore water system, we provide you with efficient, cost effective and versatile bore water solutions.

If you need to drill a hole in a small area, on difficult terrain, or need to redrill an existing one, contact us. As specialists in the field, we offer professional bore water hole services and enjoy excellent relationships with our clients. No job is too big or too difficult, we provide you with workable, affordable solutions. You get to enjoy a new water source installed by WA’s bore water specialists, saving you money and making a positive contribution to the environment.

The process to sink a bore hole is quite simple. First, our drilling team will drill to the necessary depth to obtain water, they then lower the bore casing down the hole using PVC casing, and then pack the casing with driller’s gravel, which helps with filtration. After this we develop the hole with a high powered compressor.

The next day we’ll install a submersible pump and take care of all the electrical work. If you wish, we can connect your bore water to your existing irrigation system, disconnecting all irrigation from your mains water supply.

Our services include a large range of commercial and domestic fields including:

  • Rotary mud
  • High yield production bores
  • Deep large diameter water wells
  • Artesian bores
  • Cement grouting
  • Gravel pack
  • Pump testing
  • Supply and installation of bore hole pumps
  • Reconditioning & rehabilitating bores

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