Business purpose statement
Darling Downs Drilling’s professionally trained personnel use modern, well-maintained equipment to manufacture high-quality water bores. Our range of bore water services is backed by an efficient system of after-sales service and support that ensures downtime and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Training policy

Darling Downs Drilling recognises the need for effective training of our staff. The required skills cannot be taught in a classroom, the skillset is learned and developed through on-the-job experience and mentoring by senior drillers. All new employees are required to undertake an induction program, based on the company’s “Safety and Instruction Manual” and Q-Base training program. When new equipment is purchased, the company ensures proper and adequate training, preferably by trainers from the supplying company.
When specialist training is involved (e.g. environmental safety), industry experts from a recognised organisation will be used, and industry recognised certification will be obtained where possible.

Prior to entering into any major contracts, any subcontractors engaged by us will be required to provide proof of adequate training and competency in their relevant fields.

Occupational health and safety policy
The health and safety of our employees is of prime importance to our company’s operations, and we are committed to conducting our operations in a safe manner, without endangering anyone’s health or wellbeing.
The company’s policy and key management objective is achieve a zero-accident rate. We comply with all applicable regulations and laws relating to Occupational Health and Safety in all areas of our business activity.
The company continuously reviews all aspects of its operations to further enhance health and safety standards, above and beyond its legal requirements. All levels of management are responsible for preventing injury and illness.

Management responsibilities:

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment
  • Train employees in safe working practices
  • Provide effective supervision
  • Inform employees of potential workplace hazards and potentially harmful exposures

Employee responsibilities:

  • Adhere to nominated safe working procedures
  • Wear the required protective clothing
  • Care for the safety and health of fellow employees
  • Immediately report all hazards, accidents and incidents

Acceptance of these responsibilities is a condition of employment, and the company both expects and encourages participation in the development and enhancement of occupational health and safety programs.

Environmental Policy:
DDD is committed to meeting client requirements, while protecting the environment at the same time.

We at Darling Downs Drilling observe all environmental laws and regulations, and will;

  • Discuss and resolve any possible areas of environmental conflict with the client.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into work planning and operations.
  • Assess the potential impact of our operations on the surrounding environment.
  • Continually work to improve our environmental performance.
  • Rehabilitate the environment affected by our operations (when required by contract).
  • Actively promote environmental awareness among company personnel.
  • When necessary, engage experts to advise on environmental matters.

Indigenous and Native Title Policy
Our company recognises the rights of indigenous people, and will comply at all times with related legislation and regulations. We always adopt a non-confrontational approach to these matters, and seek advice where appropriate from people with the relevant skills and knowledge in this area.